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Anna-Karin Nordin

about me

“I obtain great satisfaction from exploring the most basic components in design, such as line, colour, composition and movement but also the simple feel, smell and consistency of materials can awake my creativity.”

Anna-Karin Nordin is originally from Sweden and trained professionally as a designer and interior architect in England; Brighton University BA Hons, Art & Design (Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Plastics), and BTEC Certificate Interior Design, Chelsea School of Design. She works in both 2 and 3 dimensions, and finds it immensely stimulating to experiment in a wide variety of materials; such as painting on canvas and paper, ceramics, glass, textiles, wood and metal.

Anna’s art is represented in galleries in England, Sweden and Switzerland. Some of her creations have been commercialised by market leading retail stores; Åhlens AB & IKEA.

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