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artist statement

Working as an interdisciplinary artist I use many different materials and mediums to create contemporary abstract art in both 2D and 3D: painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics, glass and sculpture made from re-claimed materials with the inclusion of colour and patterns.

I enjoy challenging myself, pushing my creative ideas and materials beyond their natural “typical” characteristics, searching after new artistic combinations and expressions. My love for materials stems from my art and design studies.

My art explores my immediate surroundings. These observations are then processed and expressed to create art that reflects my experiences in life combined with my personal feelings, thoughts and memories.

Extensive time is spent doing visual research: sketching, photography, model making and material experimentation. This is a fundamental part in my practice. It is during this stage that I find new expression and my artistic language develops further. This journey of exploration helps me analyse which medium and material is best to convey my ideas, often resulting in me applying these ideas both in 2D and 3D.

Crossing the material boundaries stimulates me as an artist and keeps me open- minded in my creativity. I work with several canvases and materials simultaneously to maintain my “artistic flow”, thereby also creating a common thread in my pieces.

The subject matter in my art may vary, from nature, the Swedish coastal landscapes, vessels, sculptural forms to the wonderfully weird and colourful organic compositions. The finished collections often contrast in appearance, but reoccurring aesthetic features and similar working processes are clearly visible in all my artwork.

I approach my art with expressive mark making made with graphite, oil crayons, brushes but also by scratching, sanding, cutting into the surface. I apply many layers of material: textiles, sand, ashes, tar and stone powders with various tools to create an interesting textural quality. I add, I subtract, only to reapply materials again. Reflecting on each layer created and every mark made, being attentive to previous layers applied. I am intuitive and react to the changes arising during the creative process and I am open to new directions that occur. From these numerous phases an abstract composition starts to emerge, capturing a moment, an atmosphere or emotion experienced.
The marks made, lines painted, and textures added are references to the passage of time; be it physical, spiritual or emotional. An imprint like a memory map, trails, tracks, and marks left behind, a beloved memory re-lived, or an emotion felt. A journey made, a destination reached.

My intention as an artist is to produce a body of work that explores my inner self and immediate surroundings. However, it is not my personal feelings that are of relevance when the art is being observed but rather that of the viewer.


I am who I am


I am who I am, who I wish to be and strive to be.

I am a woman, mother, daughter, wife, friend, sister and so much more.

When words are not enough I communicate through my art.


I am an artist, a ceramicist, a printmaker, a sculptor, a creative maker and designer.


I react, take in and observe  my surroundings.

I am inspired, excited and hopeful

I process my impressions, feelings and memories/thoughts

I explore, experiment and try again.

I learn, take in and create.


I collage, paint, print and sculpt.

I make expressive markings, patterns and lines.

I make blobs, stains and dribbles


I try, strive and achieve

I fail, learn from my mistakes only to try again…. and again


I add textures, sand, ashes, tar and textiles. 

I add, subtract, add some more layers only to cover them up, and start again.

I cut, assemble, rearrange and paste. 

I rip, fold and crease


I communicate…… and share my art. I struggle, compare and critique myself and my art

I am mindful, content and proud of my art


You view my art, observe and process your impressions …. 

You like or dislike….


I am who I am… you are who you are! 

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