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creative process

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For the last years my main focus and passion have been painting, glass and ceramics. My source of inspiration comes from landscapes and nature but also the effect of mankind's presence on earth.

As a designer, I enjoy working with different materials and at times also combining them to create an interesting contrast. Colour, lighting, textures, contrasts also inspire me. I have come to the understanding to prioritise process in my creativity and allow creative flow to be the dominant factor, whilst creating art. I have found that every piece of art that I work on is an exercise in trusting my intuition, and I enjoy throwing myself into the unknown and letting my imagination flow freely. I never know what my art piece or idea will turn out to be until the very end.

Some people can feel intimidated by a blank canvas. But I see it as a foundation for limitless possibilities. Expressive mark-making through scratching, sanding, tearing, piercing and at times even cutting into the canvas are all very prominent and re-occurring elements in my artwork, whether it be 2D or 3D. My work includes several layers; adding and removing always striving to achieve an interesting surface quality. The repetitive process of layering, some translucent and some opaque, adds to the depth of the painting. The details and marks can be enjoyed close-up as well as making an impact from a distance.

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