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villa beaulieu

villa beaulieu

Villa Beaulieu Art & Design Studios

Welcome to the Villa Beaulieu Art & Design Studios, situated in the little village of Arzier, in the hills of the Jura mountains, with spectacular views overlooking the Lac Leman. Villa Beaulieu acts as a Art & Design Studio where art workshops are held as well as a Contemporary Art Gallery allowing you to view artworks of various artists.


See below for further information.   

Villa Beaulieu Contemporary Art Gallery 

The Villa Beaulieu Contemporary Art Gallery recreates the sense of home. Artworks hang comfortably on the walls alongside a candlelit table, table and chairs are placed in the rooms so that you can enjoy a moment in the presence of the art. This is a creative space where you enjoy art.

The gallery strives after removing the elitism that comes with art spaces, and communicate generously with everyone that visits. Villa Beaulieu wants to make artwork accessible to all, celebrate artists both emerging and established. Art that provokes thought, discussions and bring us together.


All are welcome in the space to enjoy art aperos, opening shows, workshops and artists gatherings. Or just come along to look at some art and have a quiet moment with a cup of coffee/whilst browsing through art books.


The gallery will have a permanent exhibition of a selection of my artwork, which will be changed at regular intervals so that there is a “freshness” of new art for the visitors. In the near future there will also be a specific area in the gallery that will be dedicated to local Swiss and international artists.

Due to Covid 19 social restrictions, the Villa Beaulieu Contemporary Art Gallery is at the moment open by appointment only. To book an appointment to view art work at your convenience either please call on +41 (0)79 870 51 69 or fill in the form below.

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